Broadcast TV Awards and Nominations



I Will Never Be Cut  - broadcast on Al Jazeera and The Guardian - 32 min observational documentary TX May 2011. Nancy and Gertrude are two extraordinary Pokot-Kenyan teenagers living in a remote rural part of Northern Kenya where circumcision is every girls rite of passage in to womanhood. Nancy and Gertrude, are refusing to be cut. These pioneers are willing to defy their family's expectations and challenge their culture's taboos in order to save themselves. With the help of a grassroots group of men and women prepared to support them, they take on centuries of tradition in an attempt to transform things forever. This is an observational film with extraordinary access to the internal family conflicts of a tribe in the process of radical change. I Will Never Be Cut won two Webby Awards for Best Single Documentary (The Peoples Choice and The Judges Choice). It was also Finalist for the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award 2011. 

'I will never be cut': Kenyan girls fight back against genital mutilation - Video

Wounded Soldiers — Channel 4 News Lead story on the hidden wounded of the Iraq war. The human cost of war President Bush downplays. We talk to amputees at Walter Reed, film the wounded returning from Iraq and observe a soldiers therapy group for the wounded at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 14 mins. Tx10 Feb 04 DVD viewing copy available Finalist for the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award 2004 - clips were used in Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9/11

The makeover of Elizabeth Garratt Anderson School — A school with a reputation. Once known as the School from Rising hell Street it has transformed itself in a revolutionary rebranding process. This film gives 7 of it’s school girls a chance to tell the story of their school and help direct a film. Sept 2007 Shortlisted for LEPA (London Education Partnership Award).

Summit About The Boy,  or Lee Mets Phil — a 30 minute documentary for the Community Channel commissioned by the Media Trust to observe the process of mentoring between at Times Political journalist and a wannabe journo and disadvantaged kid from the streets of Lozells, Birmingham attending the G8 in Rostock Germany 2007 to report on Blair, Bush and the Protesters. Tx June 2007  Winner of the 2008 IVCA Clarion Awards for Television.  (Sara was camera woman and directed the sequence with Blair & Bush)


Documentary Series Producer

‘Commanding Heights’ 6 x 1 hour series, June 01-02 (PBS America Tx April 2002.)  BBC 4 and BBC2 Series Producer and Director Bill Cran. InVision Productions & Lion TV.  As one of two in house series producers, Sara produced key sections of the series. A 6 X 1 hour documentary series on globalisation and the 'Battle of Ideas.'  It was filmed over two years on five continents. The first documentary series that tells the inside story of the new global economy and what it means for individuals around the world. BAsed on the best selling book by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw it interviews major 20th Century figures such as President Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, Former Presidents Mikhail Gorbechev and Lech Walesa and Chancellor Gordon Brown. “A brilliantly successful documentary series more important program for making sense of our  times has been seen on air in at least a decade.” The Washington Post. The series won many awards amongst these was the Gold Award for Best Series on National and International Affairs, and had various Emmy nominations.