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Planning and Research. Our approach is imagination over budget - making great looking films at a reasonable cost.  This needs thought. We begin by assessing what is required from the film - it's aim and purpose. Then we immerse ourselves in the ideas, and information in order to know as much about the subject of the film as possible.  This research period is very thorough and is used as a time to gain the inspiration and insight needed to add that extra creative dimension to the film. This usually will include visiting locations to be filmed and meeting the people who might take part.

Co-creators: depending on what the needs of the film are we will need to organise the other contributors so that she can get the best people for the job. These may include musicians and editors and graphic designers if required.  This may also require chasing clearances for archive and music.  This will be guided by the clients aims for the film.

The shoot: As the director and camera person Sara wears two hats when filming.  She is an intuitive filmmaker at heart but uses meticulous and detailed planning to help everything run to plan without loosing the opportunity for spontaneity. This planning may include a script if appropriate.

The Edit: This usually takes a number of days and often includes commissioning music.  Close to the end of the schedule the client will be asked to view the film and make comments with regards to changes to be made. Then the film will be completed, a last viewing arranged and then the final film produced on the required format.

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