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Welcome to Little Green Island Films - (Temporary website -  website being built - work in progress)

We are like islands on the surface but connected in the deep! William James 

Little Green Island Films, located in the Highlands of Scotland is dedicated to making feature documentaries for an international audience. The company was founded by Sara Nason a former stills photographer turned filmmaker. She is now an award winning director choosing to work in feature documentary, often following her stories and subjects for many years.  Living in Reiff, in the remote Highlands gives her a chance to atune to nature and the space to perceive more deeply the role of storytelling in fostering interconnectedness. 


She previously worked in a variety of genre's in broadcast TV, mainly documentary, which included short films, news and current affairs,  as well as features for the websites of national newspapers and the occasional biographical and corporate film. Sara's passion is storytelling. She is most interested in stories of the sea (exploring the subsea world, marine conservation and sustainable fisheries) as well as stories of indigenous culture and spirituality and women's stories. She also has a keen interest in music, dance, food, the arts and psychology.  



Sara has twice been finalist for the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award, and winner of two Webby Awards ( People and Judges Choice) This is a testimony to her focus on hopeful and inspiring films which have impact - a theme throughout her work. Little Green Island films tends to make observational films, with a strong focus on character and told over time. Sara consciously uses the power of storytelling to give voice to remarkable ordinary people or environmental concerns which would otherwise not be heard.  Her films aim to build bridges and create alliances in order to build awareness of our interconnection to each other and the environment. 


Little Green Island Films are known for a combination of professionalism, visual imagination and creativity - sometimes on a low budget, although not always.  Little Green Island Films makes intuitive, artistically shot films with a journalistic attention to detail and content. The films are always driven by an understanding of the core emotion at the heart of the film,  which gives the story power.  Films that have great impact and inspire change is a thread throughout Sara's work. Her personal passion in documentary has been focused on giving a voice to women's rights,  indigenous people, and promoting a more interconnected view on the environment and human rights issues. 


"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself".


Sara is working on two campaign feature documentaries currently as well as helping coordinate a marine conservation group called Sea Change Wester Ross, set up to protect the inshore waters of the Marine Protected Area. She hopes to use her storytelling and film making skills to help make ocean conservation and saving marine mammals and sustainable fisheries as rock n roll as it was when Jacques Costeau sailed the Calypso and inspired millions. About Us - Sea Change Wester Ross


Little Green Island can make films on any subject but has a specific track record in the marine environment and Nature; indigenous people's , womens rights, renewable energy; food; music; dance and The Arts.  The company has also worked over the years in historical films and with young people (often vulnerable people) and children. 




Sara has worked as a filmmaker for Guardian Films (The Guardian Newspaper) for many years and continues to do so. Recently she made a film 'I WIll Never Be Cut' which was broadcast on Al Jazeera, and before that she made a documentary for Mactv in Stornoway to be broadcast by BBC Alba on the 'Wee Grey Fergie'. CNN also hired her to make a half hour film on Wootton Bassett during the worst period of casualties in Afghanistan.   Before this she produced 8-10 minute news films for Channel 4 News and worked as an in house producer for some years.  The most memorable of these films was on street kids and the 'invisible' Wounded Soldiers in America which was a Finalist in the Rory Peck Sony Impact Award 2004. A clip was used in Fahrenheit 9/11. However the main focus of her career has been as a documentary maker, producing one-off documentaries and series such as the multiple award winning 'Commanding Heights' with directors such as Bill Cran and documentary's with the auteur director Michael GrigsbyShe has also directed a 13 part children’s factual TV series for Channel 5. During the last 5 years working with the Guardian Newspaper Sara has worked with a London Community school (Elizabeth Garrett Anderson), for EBLEX the English Beef and Lamb Executive and for British Gas on their ‘Green Streets' environmental campaign. Two of her films - one on Tango and the other on the famous el Bulli restaurant were some of the most watched films on the Guardian website in 2008 with exceptionally high viewing figures.  At the same as working with the Guardian she has been directing films for The Proudfoot Company for ROLEX Awards for Enterprise. Sara also makes films on environmental inventors and innovators and is in the process of making an on-going strand of films on the environment as well as sustainable food production.


If you would like to discuss a film 

call mobile 07973 882287 or 01854 622318.



"Sara is one of the best film makers we have had the pleasure to work with. Sara always gives 200% of her time, energy and passion. Her films consistently over deliver, always eliciting comments and getting noticed on our site. She has mastered the art of making films for the web, producing documentaries that most broadcast platforms would be proud of. With a visual flair and skills to match, she researches, writes, preps and shoots all her films herself and works collaboratively with editors, execs and commissioners alike to produce the best possible film. We love working with Sara because you know what your going to get at the end of the day is brilliant. I'm loathe to say she's a safe pair of hands but in these economically difficult times we all need to know a film maker will come through with the goods." Jacqui Timberlake, Head of Business and Production Guardian Films 

SARA's FILMS -To see some of Sara's films please go to the section on 'Links and Filmography' where some of her short films are viewable on The Guardian's  website via the links embedded in her filmography. Other longer format work is viewable on request by DVD. For a quick sample please press on links for a couple of films below.






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